Hakodate is an ocean port in Hokkaido, the first Japanese port that was opened to foreign trade in 1854. The city has thus received a lot of foreign cultural influences, as seen in its urban layout and architecture. Hakodate also has a large assortment of tuna, squid, salmon roe, sea urchin and crab, for those who enjoy fresh seafood.

Atop Mount Hakodate is a view over the city, supposedly one of the top night views in the world. Looking down from the peak, the city is squeezed into a narrow isthmus dividing two bodies of water. On the left, Hakodate Bay, and on the right, the Tsugaru Straight connecting the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean.

In spring, Goryokaku star fortress is a must-see. With over a thousand cherry blossoms, the entire fort blooms into a hanami wonderland, great for finding secluded, quiet nooks for walks, dates, or photos. When the sun sets, visitors bring their own mats, prepare hot dinners, and enjoy the blossoms throughout the night.

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