Ngong Ping is another refreshing area outside of Hong Kong's bustling city streets. Located on Lantau island, it's an area full of hills, great for hiking and sightseeing the less-visited western Hong Kong.

Access the area through Ngong Ping 360, the cable car/ropeway leading up to the village. At about 20-30 minutes one way, I recommend paying more for the crystal cabin. Lines are shorter and you can enjoy the views down below through the glass floor. Otherwise, you can opt to hike all the way to the top, making it a full day adventure!

Ngong Ping's main attractions are the Po Lin monastery and giant Tian Tan buddha, but visitors can also walk through the quaint village and experience the tea houses, souvenir shops, and cultural performances.

Beware, though, the tiny black midges...These insects are so tiny, about as large as the dot of an 'i'. I was swarmed by them when I sat down at a bench near some food stands. I assumed they were mere gnats, giving them a wave of my hand to shoo them away. Then came the intense itching as hives started forming around my legs where they had landed. I ran away and lived to tell the tale. Beware, and godspeed.

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