kokei photography | Okinawa 沖縄

I spent about a day in Okinawa, most of which was on a bus between Naha airport and the Ocean Expo Park. My goal was to check out Churaumi Aquarium, home to the second largest aquarium tank in the world.

I spent at least an hour at the aquarium's main tank, the Kuroshio Sea. Housing three whale sharks, along with a variety of manta rays, sharks, and other fish, the exhibit was beautiful. All the fish coasted by at their own pacing. All the visitors stood, cameras out, walking by at their own pacing. Two worlds, separated by 60cm (2ft) of acrylic. It was hypnotic.

The aquarium was only a part of the larger Ocean Expo Park, which houses several museums and a traditional Okinawan village. I took a stroll through the old village, entering the houses and snapping photos in the eerier silence. Most of the village activities occurred in the morning, so all of the staff members and tourists had left by the time I arrived. I had the area to myself.

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