kokei photography | Kyushu 九州

Kyushu is one of four main islands that make up Japan and is located on the southernmost tip of the country. The island is quite mountainous, with a significant amount of tectonic activity. It houses the country's most active volcano, Mt. Aso, and in the northern city of Beppu, you'll find a plethora of geothermal hot springs.

Being so close to the mainland, much of Japan's cultural influence from China and Korea came through Kyushu. Its first porcelain ceramics were produced in Arita and Imari, cities whose maps are dotted with firing kilns. Even Japan's first tea seeds were brought over by monks as early as the 9th century.

Down south, Kyushu's landscape becomes subtropical in nature, giving way to some beautiful forests and beaches, including kumamoto and its oysters! For those who want to get away from the dense metropolitan cities, the island of Kyushu is where it's at.

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