kokei photography | Tainan 台南

Tainan is considered by many to have the best food in Taiwan. It is the oldest city in the country, formerly its capital and economic center, and has retained its reign as culinary mecca for visitors to Taiwan. Street vendors offer all sorts of fare, from small snacks to seafood, and all of them are home-cooked and cheap. It's a foodie's dream!

I visited a few sights during my short stop in Tainan. The Confucian temple is a nice stop, with its bright red exterior and traditional architecture. It was built in 1665 and is considered the first academy of Taiwan, with one of Taiwan's oldest buildings. Stop by on any day to experience local life among its surroundings, or visit during holidays to see festivals and celebrations carried out on the temple grounds.

The Anping Treehouse is also a great place for a shaded walk. Originally a merchant warehouse, it was closed and abandoned, and over the past 70 years, a single banyan tree has taken up residence. The tree's roots and branches have spread over the rooftop, through the walls, and has created a unique mesh of nature and human civilization.

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