kokei photography | Victoria Harbour 維多利亞港

Each time I visit Hong Kong, I always make an effort to see Victoria Harbour, often from different angles, but always with the same awe and inspiration. There is no view like it in the world. The Hong Kong skyline is a sprawling symbol of human civilization and technology. The density of its towering skyscrapers is staggering. The buildings cut into the sky with their sharp corners. The city is like a gem in the rough, nestled between mountains and the water.

When night falls, the land turns a golden purple, and the city comes alive with lights. On some nights, the sky is crisp and clear, allowing the neon lights to shine bright and obscure the stars. On other nights, the fog/smog/clouds come in and give the skyline a diffuse ambiance, softening the mood. It's never the same when I visit.

Come to think of it, I've never been for the sunrise. Maybe next time.

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